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An old-fashioned man is more like a traditional man; he has strict principles guiding him, he has a philosophy which is different from that of the average modern man.

When you’re dating an old-fashioned man, there are certain things to expect from him, he doesn’t have the complicating lifestyle of the modern man.

With the signs that would be listed below, you would surely know if the man you’re dating or about to date is an old-fashioned man.


The old-fashioned man wants his word to be his word, he doesn’t like when his lady goes outside his will. As strange as it sounds, the old-fashioned man has an ego that is peculiar to him. One may even argue that the old-fashioned man is a male chauvinist because of the way he goes about his things. To him, he just loves when his will is done, when he wants it and how he wants it.


Another striking thing about the old-fashioned man is his calm nature. The old-fashioned man is never in a hurry to get his lady, he always bids his time. An old-fashioned man is patient; he doesn’t pressure the lady after the first date, and could even wait till the fifth, sixth date before letting known his intentions. An old-fashioned man won’t pressure his lady to have sex with him.


An old-fashioned man is straight forward, he’s easy to understand; his life is never complicated. When dating an old-fashioned man, you know what he likes and what he hates as well; you would also know what he expects from you. His principles are clear and direct. He even has a structured lifestyle, from his whereabouts down to every little thing he does.


An old-fashioned man wouldn’t mind showing his lady love anywhere they are. He would hold her hands, open doors for her and do all the simple but important things every lady wants from her man. The old-fashioned man is sensitive to the woman’s needs; as far as he loves you then he would go the extra mile.


The old-fashioned man wants to be the man at all times. When it comes to paying the bills, he would never hesitate. I don’t know if it’s as a result of his ego or that he wants to please his lady or the combination of both, but one sure thing is that the old-fashioned man would always pay the bills at all times; he doesn’t need a contribution from the lady, he loves to be the man.


The old-fashioned man doesn’t take too much risk, he doesn’t have an adventurous side; everything he does is pre-calculated. He’s not really the type that would spring up surprises every now and then, in simpler words, he’s very predictable. Not that he’s not fun to be with but he wouldn’t come up with something crazy. An old-fashioned man always keeps it safe.


One thing you should know about the old-fashioned man is that he doesn’t joke with his lady. An old-fashioned man loves it when everyone knows that his lady is a no-go-area. He makes it obvious without a doubt; he doesn’t want boundaries to be crossed. If you are a lady and you get that extra sensitivity or that extra bit of protection from your man, just know that he’s just marking his territory which every old-fashioned man does.


Compared to the new generation guys, an old-fashioned man is one that gets jealous easily. The previous tip talked about marking his territory and this one goes further. If you go past his marked territory, trust me when I say that would obviously get him jealous, and you wouldn’t want to test the mettle of that man.

An old-fashioned man could be the best ever and could as well be the most boring; it all depends on the lady. Like they say “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”.


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