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No matter how long you travel down the wrong path, never feel its too late to turn back on the right track. Often time, I’ve heard people complain about going too far to turn back irrespective of their earlier choices.

I’ve always struggled with my arithmetics even as a young child. But my parents never attached any importance to it as they never ceased calling me their engineer, forced me into a science class even when I had to re-take my SSCE mathematics exams.

Without considerations, I was registered at a special centre which enabled examination malpractices in its highest form. Gaining admission was also very easy, as we paid our way through. Studying civil engineering at my institution was also not a hard bone to chew; There was, however, enough money to make my lecturers smile and in return favour my CGPA
However, I attended a lecture that stood out for me. Prof Bude made a profound statement in his class, and it turned my mentality around, He said:

“No matter how long you thread the wrong path, You’ll never arrive the right destination.”

Deep within, I knew this statement addressed me. But I felt it was already too late for me as a 400level civil engineering student.

Thoughts of how my parents will take the news of my drop out made me shiver, re-writing SSCE in order to pursue my strength also got me thinking… And how people will tag me the “Ass of the century” scared me.

But then i knew i had to take a decision or spend the rest of my life struggling and filled with regrets. Today Bolu’s parents are proud of the linguist their child turned out to be after taking a decision that changed her bearing.

The next time you are tempted to linger on the wrong road, consider your destination. It is never too late to start that business, Never too late to go to school, Never too late to quit that job, neither is it too late to walk out of that relationship.


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