Blog24 Review: What No One Will Tell You

Hello! In this article, I will be making an in-depth blog24 review and at the end of this review, you will get to know everything you need about the blog24 online income program.

What is Blog24 Income Program?

Ever since the release of the new legitimate income program, mulabux, there has been a lot of sites who have tried to imitate their system method one of which blog24 income program is. Blog24 income program is a site that claims to share advert revenues for its members and pay them for sharing sponsored online adverts on their Facebook timeline. Blog24 according to domain name was registered on 18th May 2019. Although, the website started fully on 7th February 2020. There are a lot of things to consider about this website and that’s why you need to stay around till the end of this blog24 review, so, you won’t unknowingly take the wrong step on this platform.

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How Does Blog24 Work?

According to the info on the website, you are expected to buy an advert revenue pack in order to gain access to promoting on blog24 income program. There happens to be quite a lot of packages on the website and the various amounts you earn for each advert you share.

Blog24 Income Program Subscription Packages

There are basically available on the website and you earn as much as #1000 daily on some of the packages… LOL. Let’s consider the subscription packages.

  1. Free Package: With this package, you will get to earn NGN1 daily and you will pay no amount of money to sign up into the package.
  2. Premium Package: To subscribe to this package, you will be required to pay a total sum of NGN1,000 weekly. On this package, you will be able to earn NGN100 for logging in daily to the website, NGN200 for sharing their so-called Google adverts, and also a 30% referral commission whenever someone registers using your referral link.
  3. Gold Premium: This happens to be the greatest of all packages on this blog24 income platform. The subscription fee for this package is NGN2,000 and you will earn NGN200 for logging in daily, NGN400 for sharing their adverts. And also a 30% referral commission just like the premium package.

Payment is made weekly on blog24 and you can always cash out your referral commission anytime.

How Legit is Blog24 Income Program?

Let’s come to think of it, which company will pay you for sharing adverts they don’t even care if someone clicks on it or not? Sounds strange right! Yeah, it does and this is the main reason why we considered quite a lot of factors to determine if this business is a scam or legit.

 Another thing is, do you think someone who doesn’t even understand how the main system of online advert sharing works successfully run an online advert sharing program.

According to our technical team, after making some analysis on the blog24 website, they found out that this so-called online advert sharing website has all it’s designed and layouts as exactly that of another online read news and get paid income program known as LPV Forum. LPV Forum which happens to have been for quite a while now has been legit and paying, you can read more about LPV Forum here.

We went further by asking our human personnel team to get in touch with the admin of LPV Forum. The response we got back from him was;

LPV Forum doesn’t have any connection in any form with the above-stated website. The people only our website design which is subjected to copyright. Our technical team will work on getting this ripped off by taking the necessary steps.


Admin, LPV Forum.

And this has just made it clear that blog24 only tweaked the website design to use for their scam project.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Sure! There are two good alternatives in which I will personally recommend you check out. But wait, before that, I will want to inform you that Blog24 is actually paying.

I’ve seen a few of their payment proofs posted by some friends of mine on Facebook. But, the main thing to look out for when joining online businesses like this is longevity. As clearly shown from our review, blog24 income program is nothing but just yet another Ponzi scheme in a more packaged way.

The main thing is that early birds, i.e. those who register early, will benefit in the program… And the majority who may happen to join the platform at the very wrong time may happen to be the ones losing their money. According to our primary aim here at register how i.e to create a safe environment for all internet users. Please, join this program only at your own risk.

But wait, while joining a platform whose alternative of being legit is just a few percents while there are other legitimate online businesses you can easily get started with. Some of them are RAGP, LPV Forum, viral trend, fast2earn, etc

And as for the alternatives I mentioned above, they are Mulabux and Theexoduses income programs. I recommend you check out Mulabux as it’s preferably better and I personally do it.

Final Conclusions on Blog24 Review

A lot of bloggers actually lied about Blog24 being legit all just because of the referral commission they will earn when people sign up using their link. But as for me, I will say it now, and also anywhere at any point in time that this so-called advert sharing website know as Blog24 is not but a Ponzi scheme in a more packaged style.

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