Giftalworld Income Program: How To Make Money On Giftalworld

Giftalworld Income Program: How To Make Money On Giftalworld

You must have heard about the giftalworld income program but you don’t know how it works right?. Don’t worry just read through this Giftalworld review we will be talking about today.

It is never a bad idea to have an extra income source while hustling which is the reason you should consider registering with Giftalworld.

Moreover, the money can be made from the comfort of your bedroom through your mobile phone or computer system.

What is Giftalworld All About?

Giftalworld is just another legitimate paying income program just like the NNU, Wakander, Newspay and a lot more that came before now.

This income program is an online platform where you will be required to perform some easy tasks like commenting on posts, sharing of sponsored posts, referring people, reading of posts and still get paid to your bank account.

Interestingly, these tasks are what you do normally for fun on your various social media platforms. How this is being done will be explained as you read through this article.

Is Giftalworld Legit ?

Giftalworld is a legit and trusted platform that was founded by a Nigerian blogger, motivational speaker, Internet marketer (Raji Ibrahim) also known as Ebright on the 26th of October, 2018.

This income program is being protected under the Giftalworld Technologies and has been registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission ( CAC) with RCN of 2640874.

Yes, sometimes people don’t get to believe the fact that these income programs are legit because of the rate of scam out there.

Well, I will advise you to register as fast as possible because Giftalworld is the hottest right now and has been paying out to all it’s members. Therefore, the registration process will be discussed here today.

How To Make Money On The Giftalworld

Like I said earlier that in order to make money on this income program, you are to perform some easy tasks which will be enumerated below ;

  • Register with Giftalworld: This is not a difficult task but nevertheless we will tell you how to go about in another sub head. You will be getting a bonus of N3,000 for registering with them. This bonus will always reflect on your account dashboard which will serve as their way of showing appreciation.
  • Viewing articles,posts or pages on the platform will give you N50
  • Sharing of sponsored posts to Facebook and Instagram will give you N500. You can always find the sponsored post for the day on your dashboard.
  • Logging in to Giftalworld will fetch you N200.
  • Uploading of interesting and approved videos on the platform will give you N100
  • You can make N100,000 if you are lucky enough to be among those that won their monthly raffle draw.
  • They pay you N1500 for every person you refer to the program.
  • If your alert testimony turns out to be the most liked one on the Giftalworld official facebook, you will get N500 airtime.

At this point, you will agree that all these tasks mentioned above are not difficult if you are serious about making money on the Giftalworld platform.

When and How To Withdraw Your Earnings

Firstly, I would love to announce to you that Giftalworld will pay you even if you don’t refer to any one. The payment dashboard has two different earning results which include the GAF and the GAS earnings.

The GAF earnings is your referral earnings while the GAS earnings are other earnings from completed tasks we discussed earlier except for the referral earnings.

Your GAF earnings can be withdrawn to your bank account any day while the GAS earnings can be withdrawn monthly.

The platform allows you to use your GAS earnings to register the people you refer to and you get your N3,000 directly from them. Meanwhile, you won’t get the N1,500 referral commission by using this method.

How To Register With Giftalworld

  1. Prepare your N3,000 registration fee.
  2. Click Here to fill the registration form. ( Edit that link and put your affiliate link)
  3. Fill in your bank details next
  4. Register

In order to save you the stress, contact me to register for you . Contact : …. Your contact

Giftalworld Income Program has come here to stay and has been paying out to its members ever since it came out. They have shown no sign of stepping down soon. So why waste so much time deciding if you should register or not !

Register while it’s hot because time is money.

Share this with your family and friends who might want to make some more extra income daily and drop your questions in the comment section below it you have got any. Thanks

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