How to convert your Airtime into Money in your Bank Account

I know that this might be strange to you and of course you want to know how on Earth you can reverse the process. Few months back, I won an airtime giveaway, to be precise, it was exactly #5000. I was quite sad because how on Earth can I have #5000 airtime and need money urgently. So I started researching of a way to reverse the process and behind I found it. There are a lot of platforms that would have you in this task but I ruled out a lot of them because their tariff was too high.

So today I will be telling you about a reliable and affordable system.


Or here is another dramatic story 


Have you try buying airtime from your bank, and you mistakenly bought more than you needed, Or you received a donation from a friend in the form of call credit, and you don’t want to use it simply because you needed the cash. But this can be heartbroken, knowing that your network provider can’t refund you the cash you recharge on your phone, but not to worry, In this article, I will show you a method you can use to transfer the airtime or call credit to your Bank account.


  1. Firstly, download and install the aimtoget app from Apple or play store.


  1. Register the app with the required details and click on the signup button.


Now, we successfully created our aimtoget account, and it is time to do some funding to that account.


  1. Now click on the fund button from the home screen and select airtime.


  1. Select the network and the amount you want to fund in your aimtoget account and the phone number you are transferring the airtime from. Click on the proceed button to continue.


NOTE if you requested a cash funding with a particular number, you must use the same number to transfer the airtime. This helps aimtoget team to trace the account the transaction is coming from. Your aimtoget account will be credited. Immediately, your airtime is received.


You can now request for a withdrawal to your Bank account.


Click on the withdraw button and input the amount you want to withdraw. Select your bank name and input your account number in the field provided below and click proceed.


Confirm the details you have provided on the next page If it is correctly input. Type in your pin the field below and then click submit and wait for your Bank account to be credited.

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