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Opay Registration: How to Register For Opay

Hi there! Today, I’m going to be talking about opay app majorly on how to register for opay and other introduction to the opay app.
Firstly before we go into anything, I will like to give you a brief introduction to what opay is all about and the benefits of opay app.

What is Opay? Introduction to Opay

Opay is a digital financial app which provides a lot benefits and opportunities for it’s users and some of these features which provides exclusive benefits for the users are:

  • Oride (opay street) – This is a feature of the Opay app which provides easy and more convenient transportation system for it’s users to take a motorcycle ride to anywhere within a city. This is currently supported and functioning in cities like Lagos, Abeokuta, Abuja e.t.c.
  • Okash (opay loan) – This is another feature of the Opay app which provides easy and instant digital loan to it’s users.
  • Owealth (opay investment) – Here is another amazing benefit of opay app. This allows you to invest and get back up to 10% of initial investment per annum.
  • Purchase airtime and data – You can also buy airtime and data through the Opay app and get 5% discount of every airtime that you purchase.
  • Pay bills – Here is another advantage of the Opay app as it allows you to pay TV, electricity bills and also pay into your betting account.
  • Ofood (opay food) – Opay app also provide you with the chance to make other for a meal from different restaurants from your home and get it delivered at a very little price.

NOTE: As of the time of writing this post. This is currently available in Lagos only and it will also be made available in other cities.

Other Future Features Of Opay App

Other features that are still in development are:

  1. Obus
  2. Otrike

As promised by the company, these features will also be made available in some cities before this year runs out.

So, having known that let me jump straight to the next thing which is the main concept of this post which is to discuss about how to register for opay and how you can make use of the app.

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How to Sign up For Opay

To have access to use the opay app, it is required for you to register. So, I will now be discussing about how to register for the OPay app

Opay Registration Requirements

Before you can register for opay, here are the basic requirements you that you must have:-

  1. A valid phone number
  2. An active email address
    And that’s all, once you have these, then you are good to go… So now, let me start with the tutorial on the opay registration.

Opay Registration Process

Once you have all the necessary things ready, then you can proceed by following the steps as shown below:

  1. Install the opay app on Google play store.
  2. Launch the app and it will take you to a page as shown below… There you will have to choose your country, enter your phone number and then click on the next button.
  3. It will then take you to page where you will have to create a six-digit pin for your wallet/account. Enter the six-digit pin.
  4. Re-enter the pin in the field provided and then click on the create pin button.
  5. Enter your Name as requested in each field and also enter your email address. Then click on the Next button.
  6. Then click on the okay button.
  7. Enter “3OV9MA7” as your referral code.

Don’t forget to enter the referral code as “3OV9MA7” as your referral code as you will earn #10 for using the referral code if you do.

How To Verify Your Opay Account

  1. After you might have enter your referral code as “3OV9MA7
  2. Check the inbox of the email address which you provided during the registration and you will see a mail that looks from Opay that looks like the one shown below.
  3. Open the mail and click on the click to verify email button as shown below.
  4. Once you’ve been redirected to a page which says Thanks for verifying your email just like the one showm below, then it means your email address had been verified successfully and you’ve successfully completed your registration with the opay app and you can start enjoying all the membership benefits of the app.

You can now login to your app and start make use of it. So lastly, let me talk about how you can deposit money into your opay account to be used to transact on the opay app.

opay registration-how to register for opay
Opay app homepage

How to Deposit Funds On Your Opay Wallet

Currently, there are four available methods through which you can deposit money into your opay account and these are:

1. Direct bank transfer – This can be achieved by sending money directly to your opay account using from your local bank account. All you have to do is:

How to Deposit Fund on Opay Using Direct Bank Transfer

  • Log on to internet banking or mobile banking app.
  • Click on send money or transfer (whichever way it may appear to be)
  • When choosing the bank type, choose mobile money and sometimes it appears in other banks… Depending on your bank
  • Choose paycom as the bank name.
  • And then enter your registered phone number on opay.
  • Enter the amount you might want to send.
  • Click on TRANSFER/SEND.
  • Complete the transaction by doing the next thing as required by your bank.
  • Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a credit alert from OPay

2. Credit/debit card – Another way you can deposit money into your opay is by using your credit/debit card (also known as ATM CARD). Here are the steps to follow if you want to use this method.

How To Deposit Fund on Opay Using Your ATM Card

  • Log on to your opay account.
  • Click on balance from the menu shown at the bottom of the page.
  • Hit the add money button
  • And then click on add new payment options and then click on credit/debit card.
  • In the card number field, enter your credit/debit card number
  • Enter your card expiry date in the field provided for expiry date.
  • Enter the 3 digits code shown at the back of your ATM card in the field available for CVV. And then amount you want to fund into your opay account.
  • It may then take you to a page where your bank will send you an OTP (one-time passcode) to the number you registered with your bank to confirm your transaction.
  • You will then have to enter the code to complete your transaction.
  • Once your transaction has been completed successfully, then you will see the fund you deposit in your opay wallet.

3. Opay agent – This is another deposit option.

How to Deposit Funds on Opay Through Opay Agents

and you can do deposit using this method by visiting any opay agent nearest to you. Tell the agent want to fund your opay wallet and they will collect the cash from you and help you send the money to your wallet. You can click here to see the list of agents agent near you.

4. Peer-to-peer transfer – You can also fund your opay account by telling any your friends, relatives, neighbor or whosoever you know has an opay account with funds in it to send an amount to you and you can give such person cash. This method may not be as better as the others and it’s not so advisable to go for it if you are not sure of the person you want to transact with. Here are the steps to be taken while making an opay-to-opay transfer:

How to Deposit Funds On Opay Through Peer-to-peer Transfer

  • Log on to your opay wallet.
  • Click on balance and then click on transfer money.
  • Choose paycom as the bank name
  • Enter the receiver’s number in the field provided for account number
  • Click on send
  • Once the transfer is successful, the transaction status will be marked to be successful and then the recipient can log in to their account to confirm that the money was received successfully.

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I hope you’ve been able to grab every little knowledge about the opay app and you have also known how to register for opay and also how to use the opay app and a lot more. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with others. Have any questions? Please drop them in the comments section below.

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