Quickteller USSD Codes For Loans Money Transfer


Quickteller USSD codes


Quickteller USSD Codes For Loans, Money Transfer, Airtime Purchase, Bills Payment.


What Is Quickteller And Who Owns It?

Quickteller is an easy to use multipayment system/platform designed to make payment and easy and enjoyable experience. It’s owned by interswitch.

You can dial a short code using your mobile phone to access and interact with Quickteller range of services without the need of an internet connection; only a GSM phone is required for this process

Just by dialing Quickteller ussd codes on your phone, you can call up a simple text interface that allows you carry out the following;


•Airtime purchase,
•Bill payments
•Funds transfer,
•Loan request and lots more.

1. Quicktelker USSD codes and their uses;


Request Quickteller Loan


You can use the above code to request for Quickteller loan.

Airtime  Recharge

*322*[Amount]# or *322*[MobileNumber]*[Amount]#

Use *322*[Amount]# short code for a self-recharge transaction

Use *322*[MobileNumber]*[Amount]# code to recharge other people’s phone number.

Balance Enquiry


You can use this code to check your account balance via Quickteller. This includes eCash account balance and your other bank accounts. Please note, extra cost may apply and your card must have been added on Quickteller.

Cardless Withdrawal

You can use this code to generate Paycode for cardless withdrawals at the ATM.


Money Transfer


Use this code to transfer funds to a bank account via Quickteller.

Generate Safetoken

Use this code to generate OTP at Quickteller to complete your transaction


Fund eCash

Use this code to fund your eCash account at Quickteller. This will prompt you to enter a phone number that you want to fund.

Pin selection

*322*3# or *322*4#
Use *322*3# code to select a new PIN when you have not activated your eCash.
Use *322*4# code to change existing eCash PIN.

Please note that the screens, menus and behaviour of Quickteller USSD may differ for different phone types and mobile telephone subscriber. If you have a problem kindly contact or call 01-9065000.

Quickteller Charges

You can download quickteller application from the app stores. On Quicktellers fees are charged on transactions. The transaction or service charge is dependent on the transaction type.

There is no charge on Airtime and data recharge, bill payments cost N100, money transfer costs N52.50.

2. How To Request For Loan On Quickteller Platform

Do you know that instant loans are accessible on the Quickteller platform via Quickteller loans? You do not need collateral or a guarantor in other to apply for quickteller loan in Nigeria.

Customers who seek quick loans to solve urgent needs, can access up to N50,000 This depends on the customers transaction history. Loans are disbursed instantly.

The Quickteller loans are very easy but starts with smaller amount. It requires no paperwork nor collateral.

Customers/Clients can use any of these, ATM, mobile banking apps or USSD channels to access loans, essentially achieving the goal of allowing different customer segments to meet personal and small business needs, thereby accelerating growth in business activities within Nigeria.

You can easily apply for Quickteller loan by dialing a quickteller ussd code on your mobile phone or via a quick online application on their website.

Just dial the quickteller loan USSD code *322*6# or you visit now! You can also download Quickteller loan app and make use of it.

If you meet up with quickteller loan requirements and your Quickteller loan request is approved, you will get your bank alert in minutes

You must pay back within a short period of time. This means that it’s a short term loan.
Your transaction history will be accessed to evaluate your loan eligibility


3.How To Repay Quickteller Loans

According to Interswitch, customers who access loans through this platform can conveniently make their loan repayments through a variety of channels such as – using their cards, at ATMs, online at or through bank branches.

The bank partners who are on board Interswitch Lending Services include FirstBank, UBA Bank, Heritage Bank, Unity Bank, Fidelity Bank, Ecobank etc.

And the lending partners are Adroyte, Instantcash, Lendaba, Xtracash, Kwikcash (migo), Paylater and Ferratum.

What you need to know about Quickteller loans
You can get a loan on this platform through the participating banks/partners mobile apps, USSD or ATMS

You can get between N1000 and N50, 000 although it depends on how much cashless transactions you do.

And to qualify for a loan all you have to do is open a bank account and do more electronic transactions.

The interest rate for the loan depends on the lender’s risk evaluation. It is usually between 3 percent and 15 percent and from 10 days to 180 days.

If you don’t pay back the loan you will be blacklisted and reported to several entities and won’t be able to get a loan in the future until you clear your old loan.

So you may use your bank alongside your Quickteller account to obtain some services as you have seen in this article on Quickteller USSD code for loans, Money transfer, Airtime purchase and Bill payments.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Quickteller.


How Do I Get My Money Bank From Quickteller?

To get a refund. Log in to your Quickteller Business Account. Then click on transactions in the side menu option and select the specific transaction you want to initiate a refund on. Click on the refund button.

How Do I Contact Quickteller?

You can contact quick teller here
Please ensure you enter your functional email address and the amount you want to pay accurately. Contact us via for any issue.

How Do I Create A Quickteller Account?

To register on Quickteller, all you need are a valid email address and phone number.

Then Download the Quickteller app on google play or iOS app store, and sign up with your email and phone number. You can also visit OR Dial *723# to create your free Quickteller account

Which Bank Owns Quickteller?

It’s Interswitch also owns Quickteller, originally cited as a Telecommunication airtime vendor, additionally, providing payments services.

How Much Does Quickteller Charge Per Transaction?

How much do you charge per local transaction? A 1.5% charge capped at NGN 2,000 applies on local transactions. You will never be charged beyond N2,000 per transaction.


How Does Quickteller Work?

The Platform has enabled a Transfer Link functionality which enables transfers between parties through a simple link. Here users will be able to use the link to receive money from friends, family or to fulfil other purposes where only transfer of funds really is required.


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