TheExoduses Review: Scam or Legit?

Hello there! Today in this post, I will be discussing theexoduses review and at the end of the post, You will get to know if theexoduses is a scam or legitimate business. Before I move on, I will like you to take a look at the headlines which I will be breaking down one after the other as we move on with this thexoduses review.

What is Theexoduses?

Theexoduses is an online advertising agency that gives advertisers the chance to get their products or services to reach a wide variety of people. And at the same time, provide a mean of earning for publishers who get paid legitimate money for sharing adverts on their social media timeline. The concept is just like that of Mulabux

How Can I Earn on Theexoduses?

There are basically three (3) ways to earn on Theexoduses and these are similar to that of Mulabux also and they go thus:

  1. Ad Sharing
  2. Affiliate Program
  3. Special Bonuses

1. Ad Sharing

With this, you can get between 1-5 $ daily for sharing sponsored adverts on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. How this works is that advertisers would have paid a certain amount of money to the company to pay the publishers and all these are done accordingly as the company will remove some certain percentage as their own commission and the rest are being paid to the publishers.

There is always more than one post available for you to share daily. Although, you will only get paid once daily for sharing an advert.

2. Affiliate Program

Another way you can earn or benefit as a member on theexoduses is by partaking in their affiliate program and get a 15% commission each time you invite a new user to the platform. With this, you can invite as many people as you can and get paid as much as possible. There is no limit to what you can earn as per the affiliate program. Although, you need to take note that the person you referred must have subscribed for a subscription plan before be paid. I will be discussing the subscription plan later in this post and what it entails.

3.      Special Bonuses

These are other bonuses you qualify for as you proceed in this business. To earn these bonuses, you need to know that you must take part in the affiliate program i.e you must invite some number of people to subscribe for any or a particular plan in order to qualify. Here is the list of the bonuses you can qualify for and the level you must have attained in the business before you can qualify for the bonus.

Bonus for inviting 10 people to sign up for any package $5
Bonus for inviting 10 people to sign up for big/mighty plan $15
Top affiliate of the month $100

So, those are the three ways you can earn as a member/subscriber on theexoduses.

Now, I know the question that is popping through your mind is…

How Can I Become a Member on Theexoduses?

Firstly, before you can carry out any activities on the platform to earn, you need to have purchased what they call the subscription plan which qualifies you to participate in any of the above-stated means of earning on theexoduses. In order words, without the subscription plan, you can earn or participate in the membership activities on theexoduses.

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What Are the Subscription plans?

There are three different plans from which you can decide the one in which you will like to purchase and earn on the platform and they are:

  1. Small Plan – This is the cheapest plan available on theexoduses and in order to purchase this plan, you will be required to pay an amount of $15. This plan qualifies you to earn a total of $1 for sharing an advert daily. Also, you will receive a 15% referral commission whenever they sign up for any of the subscription plans.
  2. Big Plan – To sign up for this plan, you will be required to pay a sum of $45. On this plan, you will also earn a total of $3 daily for sharing an advert. And also, you will earn a referral commission of 15% of the package your referral sign up for.
  3. Mighty Plan – This is the biggest plan and to get started on this plan, you are required to pay $70. You will earn $5 for sharing an advert daily and also, the referral commission remains 15%.

In summary of these, here is an image below on their website, indicating how much you are paid for each activity on any of the three packages.


As per our theexoduses longevity review, the subscription plan is always active for just a month, after which you may decide to withdraw part of your money and also use part of it to purchase another subscription plan to keep earning on the platform or decide to just withdraw all your money.

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How Can I Get Started On Theexoduses?

I believe by now, you must have decided the package in which you will be signing up for and must have your subscription fee ready. So, having done that… Make sure you have all the following ready as you will need them to go on with your registration.

  1. A credit/debit card.
  2. An email address.
  3. And also, a Facebook account with at least 50 friends.

Once you have all these, then just know that you are good to go. Just follow my next step by step guide on how to register and also purchase a subscription plan on theexoduses.

How Can I Sign Up on Theexoduses?

  1. Click here to go to the registration page.
  2. Enter your details as requested in each field (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email address, Phone number, DOB, Username, and password) and click on the “Create New Account” button.

    NOTE: The Date of Birth is to help you recover your account in case you forget your password.
  3. On the next page, you need to enter your correct bank details (i.e Account number, account name, and bank name) as requested in each field and click on the submit button.
    This is the account into which your withdrawal request will be processed. i.e. Where you will be paid into
    NOTE: You can edit this later in your profile settings after your registration has been completed.
  4. Now, the next thing is to choose the package you want to opt-in for and you will be redirected to Paystack to complete your subscription payment.
  5. Enter your ATM Card Details (i.e. Card number, expiry date, and CVV) and click on the pay button.
  6. You will now be redirected to your bank secure payment to enter the OTP (One-time Password) sent to your phone number.
  7. Enter the OTP and click the “Submit” button.
  8. You will then be redirected to a page indicating that your payment has been completed successfully.

And that’s all. Now, you need to go to your dashboard and start earning for sharing adverts. You can also find your referral link on your dashboard to share with other people and start earning some commissions for yourself.

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Is Theexoduses Legit?

Yes! They seem to be legit but we, at registerhow can’t give you a full guaranty that theexoduses is legit but before making this theexoduses review, I got to know that it has been around for just a while now and we have not been able to complete our full investigations regarding the legitimacy of theexoduses.

Also, you need to take note that we are not an affiliate neither are we in partnership with this platform. So, our review is 100% purely honest and not affiliate driven.

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How Can I Withdraw On Theexoduses?

As I’ve discussed earlier regarding the fact that a subscription plan lasts only for 30 days and that you will have to purchase another subscription plan to keep earning, the withdrawal also goes along.

You will be able to withdraw your money on theexoduses once your subscription plan has ended and your money will be paid in less than two hours according to a part of contents on their website.

theexoduses payment terms

Conclusion on Theexoduses Review

Theexoduses is yet another cool platform to make some extra few bucks online. Although, we haven’t been able to fully consider if it is scam or legitimate business with the outcome of our review, the platform looks so promising. Especially for those who don’t know how to refer, you will keep earning your daily as sharing income. And that has brought us to the end of this theexoduses review and I hope so far you’ve been able to get some knowledge or information from this post.

Have any questions? Please, drop them in the comments section below.

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