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How To Migrate To Glo Berekete 2023

How To Migrate To Glo Berekete 2023

This is Globacom customers or clients and any one that wants to join the Glo world. Glo Berekete is a tarrif that you will migrate to and you will enjoy every part of it. In this guide I will show you how to migrate to Glo Berekete 2023.

How to migrate to Glo Berekete 2023

Glo Berekete is the Tariff plan that Glo launched to replace the promotional Glo Yakata plan.
The Glo Berekete code is *230#. It offers bonus airtime and data.

How To Migrate To Glo Berekete.

All Glo prepaid Customers can migrate to this plan this plan by dialing the code *230# then following the prompt.

The other way round, Clients/customers who purchase the Glo sim card are automatically added or migrated to this Tariff plan.

Again, Glo clients/customer’s who sim card/line were activated within 4 months before the launch of the Glo Berekete plan need not worry as they will automatically be migrated to the plan.

They need not go through the process of manual migration.

You can choose to opt out of the plan at any time but if you still have your bonuses when you are opting out, you will lose all of them.

What Are The Benefits Of Glo Berekete?

• It offers a huge 700% on every recharge to call all networks and subscribers can also browse the web with this bonus.

• Glo Berekete subscribers enjoy a 150% bonus for data on first recharge of the month for up to 4 months

• New Glo Berekete subscribers are credited with #600 immediately they opt into the plan and they can use it to call all networks and browse.
All they have to do to receive this is to recharge with a minimum of #100 and make a call for the activation of this.

• They receive 100% bonus for every recharge for data.

• Glo Berekete plan is available to all Glo new and existing prepaid customers.

What Is Glo Berekete Requirements?


Subscribers must register their line, recharge with #100 and above and make call with it before activation.

Also, welcome bonus are one of upon activation. You get a one time #600 and still get 700% bonus.

Then both voice and data bonus are valid for for 7 days from the day of activation.

What Is Glo Berekete Call Rate?


From your main account balance you are charged 36kobo per seconds but from your bonus account you are charged 77kobo per seconds.

Also note that international voice calls are charged at the normal rate from your main account balance.

How To Check Glo Berekete Airtime Bonus

When you are done with calls and you want to check your airtime bonus balance simply dial *230*1# and it will be displayed to you.

How To Check Glo Berekete Data Bonus

To do this you will have to dial *127*0#
Then your data bonus will be displayed to you.

When Does Glo Berekete Bonus Expire?

This does expire in 7 days. And unused one will not roll over. So you have to exhaust it before 7 days.

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