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How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk 2023

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk 2023

Are you an MTN subscriber/s or wish to get an MTN sim card and enjoy a whole lot of Benefits you should be looking at MTN Beta Talk. So, in this article I am going to teach you on How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk 2023.

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk

What Is MTN Beta Talk?

This is the prepaid tarrif plan which give you 150% bonus on every recharge below #100 and 250% bonus on recharge above #100.

This Tariff plan comes with 200% per recharge bonus airtime on every recharge of #100 and above, so with that you got do a whole lot of things as it’s one of the best tariff plans in Nigeria.

In MTN Beta Talk you will get 3 times the value of your recharge and when you make calls you will be charged #24 per minute ie 48kobo per second on the customer’s main account and bonus account.

And all charges will be from the bonus account but immediately the bonus account is exhausted the main customer account will be charged.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of MTN Beta Talk

• 200% on every recharge #100 and above.

• You get Bonus airtime for straight 7 days.

•This bonus airtime is available for use for local calls, SMS, PAYG data.

•Also you will get a free 10mb data on your first recharge of #100 and above. Subsequent recharge on within the same week will not give you free data within that week.
So the free data is given once in a week on the first recharge for the week.

How Do You Migrate?

If you are an MTN subscriber you can migrate to MTN Beta Talk. And you can do that from MTN TruTalk, MTN TruTalk Plus, MTN iPulse, MTN Smooth Talk Plus, MTN Super Saver Plus, MTN Zone and MTN Talk Talk.

How you can migrate to MTN Beta Talk is by dialing the below code:

What Code Can I use To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk?

You can do that by dialing the code:

MTN Beta Talk code *123*2*6# and follow the prompt or by sending on your phone text BT to 131.

Who Is Eligible To Migrate?


All MTN subscribers can migrate to MTN Beta Talk.

How Often Can I Migrate?

You will not be charged for migrating to MTN Beta Talk for the first time in 30 days.
But subsequent recharge within the same month will attract a charge of #100 for migration fee.

As A PostPaid Customer  Can I Migrate To MTN Beta Talk?

No all postpaid MTN customers are not allowed to migrate to MTN  Beta Talk it is only available to prepaid clients/customers.


IF I Recharge Through/VTU Will I Get The Bonus?

Yes if you recharge via VTU you will get the airtime bonus.

How Do I Check My  Bonus?

You can check your bonus by dialing *556#

What Is The validity Of The Airtime Bonus?

The Airtime Bonus is valid for 7 days. And even when you don’t use it for 7 days it is gone.


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