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Jumia One Registration: How to Sign Up For Jumia One + Free NGN1,000 Bonus

Jumia One is yet another great innovation from the popularly know Africa leading e-commerce merchant “Jumia”. In this post, you will be learning about what Jumia One is all about, how you can register on Jumia one, and how you can carry out other transactions on the app.

What is Jumia One?

Jumia One is an online payment system through which you can carry out all sorts of online VTU services, pay bills, and carry out many other transactions. The Jumia company which has been a major hit in the e-commerce industry since 2016, which happens to be there a revolutionary year, has been putting in a lot of effort in creating a better ecosystem for their Nigerians and citizens of other Africa countries by diverting into a lot other internet related ventures. One of which happens to be the Jumia one we’re discussing in this article. Without wasting much time, let me jump straight to the beneficial features on the platform which makes it worthy to sign up for.

What Are the Benefits Of The Jumia One App?

There are quite a lot of reasons why Jumia One is a platform you should sign up for and these reasons go thus;

1.      VTU Services

With the Jumia One app, you can carry out all sorts of VTU services i.e. airtime purchase and data purchase, at zero charges.

2.      Bill and Utility Payment

This includes the use of the Jumia one platform to pay for TV subscriptions, PHCN subscription, ticket booking, and other forms of bills and utility.

3.      Hotel Booking

Another amazing benefit of using the Jumia one app or platform is due to the reason that; whenever you are in an area or planning to…, you can pre-order a hotel room from any of the available various kinds of hotels near the location. This happens to be the reason why I’ve always recommend Jumia one among others like opay, palmpay, chipper cash, and others.

Now, let’s move on the main topic of the day i.e;

How Can I Sign Up For Jumia One?

Time needed: 2 minutes

Follow the instructions below to proceed to Jumia one registration;

  1. Visit the registration page.

    Click here to go to the registration page and then click the Login to see your wallet balance button to proceed with your registrationjumia one registration step 3

  2. Set up your account email.

    Enter the email address you will like to use to create an account on the jumia one app or platform and click the Create Account button.jumia one registration step 2

  3. Sey up your login password.

    Choose a password you will like to use for your jumia one account and type it in the field provided and then click the Create Account button. The next thing will then be to solve the captcha challenge and click the Verify button.jumia one registration step 3

  4. Registration completed successfully.

    You will now be redirected to your account dashboard and this indicates your registration has been completed successfully. You can now start performing various transactions from your account dashboard.jumia one registration step 1

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Jumia One Referral Program

Another cool way to benefit once you sign up for Jumia one is that you can actually earn some cool cash for each person who successfully installed the app and signed up for an account on the app. To partake in the affiliate program, all you need to do is as simple as;

  1. Login to Jumia One account.
  2. Go to the Invite A Friend tab which can be found at the bottom of the app homepage.
  3. Over there, you will be able to view your unique referral link; all you need to do is to copy the link.
  4. Start sharing the link with your friends for them to sign up on the app using your link and you will earn an instant NGN500 whenever they carry out any transaction using the Jumia One app.
  5. Just share with as many people as possible to increase your earning potentials.

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Final Conclusions on Jumia One Registration

Jumia One is actually one of the best ways to make online purchases and payments in various ways, for different kinds of products. There are actually a lot of reasons why you will need to consider signing for Jumia one and I hope you’ve been to get all the reasons in this article and also how to go about the jumia one app registration and sign up for the Jumia One app or platform. But wait! What are your says about this app and the main brand Jumia itself? How well do you think their performance has been so far? I will like to hear from you anyways… Just drop your opinions in the comments section below and also in case you have any questions, please do drop them.

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