How To Get Cash From Your Fidelity Bank Account Without ATM Card

How to withdraw cash from Fidelity

How To Get Cash From Your Fidelity Bank Account Without ATM Card.

Are you planning to withdraw money from the ATM without your debit card. Fidelity bank offers Cardless withdrawal, the service enables Customers to get cash whenever they forget their debit card at home.

The Bank has joined other financial institutions in Nigeria to unveil Banking on the go without barriers from the comfort of your home,office or shop.
This include Mobile banking, USSD- Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and internet banking service.

One features of Fidelity bank Digital banking is Cardless withdrawal. Getting cash from ATM Without debit Card.Customers only need to generate token from their registered mobile phone with the bank, to proceed and get their money.

The cardless cash service is easy, seamless, and secure. To withdraw cash without using your debit card. The steps listed below will guide you on How to get cash from your Fidelity Bank account without an ATM Card.

Using USSD Code Fidelity Cardless Withdrawal.

To withdraw Money from fidelity bank without using your debit card which is known as cardless withdrawal.

Dial *770*8*AMOUNT#

Example: Lets take it that you need to get NGN5000 from your account. Dial *770*8*5000# from your phone number that is linked to your account. Then follow the prompts.

•Create a one-time PIN (OTP).

•Then enter your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account to withdraw cash.

•Visit ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash.

You can send the (PAYCODE) to a third party, without compromising your account or debit card details. Single transaction limit is N20,000.You can also collect cash from any ATM nationwide.

Benefit of Cardless withdrawal

1.You can send the (PAYCODE) to a third party, without compromising your account or debit card details.
2.You can also collect cash from any ATM nationwide.
3.The entire transaction process takes approximately 10-20 seconds
3.Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Features of Fidelity bank Transfers

1.Single transaction limit is N20,000.

2. It works with phone numbers registered with Fidelity Bank.

3.It depends on full network signal from your telecom provider.

4.Money is deducted directly from your Fidelity Bank account.

5.The PAYCODE (11 digit code) is valid for 24hours from date of initiation.

Frequently Asked Questions On Fidelity Bank.


•What is Fidelity Bank USSD Code?

The Fidelity bank USSD code is *770#. It is a fast and easy way to perform any banking transactions on your phone, such as sending money, checking your account balance, buying airtime, or paying bills.


•What Is Fidelity Bank Transfer Code?

*770*Account no*amount# – Funds transfer to any bank Fidelity and any other bank.

•Is Peter Obi The Owner Of Fidelity Bank?

Peter Obi was the youngest chairman of Fidelity Bank.
Mustafa Chike Obi is the chairman of Fidelity Bank. However, Peter Obi is one of the major stakeholders of Fidelity Bank.

Some of the companies he served include: Next International Nigeria Ltd, Chairman and Director of Guardian Express Mortgage Bank Ltd, Guardian Express Bank Plc, Future View Securities Ltd, Paymaster Nigeria Ltd, Chams Nigeria Ltd, Data Corp Ltd and Card Centre Ltd. He was the youngest chairman of Fidelity Bank Plc.

•How do I Get Fidelity Bank App?

You can download the app by searching bankfidelity in Apple’s App Store or the Google Android Play Store. Anything you can do on your computer, you can do with our app. Do take advantage of mobile banking.



So, the above written is the steps you will take on how to get from your Fidelity Bank Account Without ATM Card.

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