How to withdraw cash On FCMB from ATM and POS without ATM Card


How to withdraw cash on FCMB

How to withdraw cash On FCMB from ATM and POS without ATM Card

Are you financially trap and you need to withdrawal money from either POS or ATM machine but you don’t have your ATM debit card. Just don’t worry you can now withdraw cash on some of First City Monument Bank ATMs with your fingerprint as well as make use of ussd code and online banking. The process is safe, seamless, fast and secure to use.

First City Monument Bank now make it possible to carry out your POS transactions without physically touching the POS machine or even using your FCMB card, they did this with a top notch technology advancement.


You should know that there is a withdrawal charge of N100 per transaction and you cannot withdraw more than N20,000 at once.

How to withdraw money from FCMB without your ATM card using FCMB Online banking

In some cases you are expecting cash payment or you want to send money to someone who does not have a FCMB debit card this can be done without stress. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

1. login to FCMBOnline and follow these steps:

2.Click on Cardless Cash and select Cardless

3.Complete the information in the tabs then click Generate Paycode Token

4.Visit any ATM that is Cardless enabled and press Enter and select the Paycode Cashout Option.

5.Insert the 8-14-digit withdrawal code you received.

6.Insert 4-digit Cash-Out PIN created.

7.Input the amount and submit

Also note this you can also send the Withdrawal Code and Cash-Out PIN to your friends and family anywhere in Nigeria to get cash from any ATM.


How To Make POS transactions without FCMB ATM debit Card


When you want to pay for goods or services, or you need to get cash from the POS operator but unfortunately you weren’t with you card. Don’t worry all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

1. Cashier selects “Pay with USSD” on the POS.

2.Cashier enters the amount on POS Terminal.

3.A 4-digit Reference Code is generated and displayed on POS terminal.

4.Dial *329*000*refcode# on your mobile phone and authenticate your transaction.

5.Entering your *329# transaction PIN.

6.Transaction is approved and POS Terminal prints receipt.

How to withdraw money from FCMB without your ATM card using biometric withdrawal.


Forgot your card at home? Yes. You can now withdraw cash on some of FCMB ATMs with your fingerprint. This is more secured and removes the need to carry your debit card around anymore.


1.Go to the ATM and initiate the Cardless menu.

2.Select fingerprint withdrawal option.

3.Input Account Number (NUBAN).

4.Place your right thumb on the fingerprint scanner for 7secs and press Proceed.

5.Input amount to withdraw.

6.Withdraw your cash.

Probably, you have read through and you can see for yourself how to withdraw cash from FCMB on ATM and POS without ATM Card. Easy to use and you can try it out you forget your card or feel more safer to go Cardless.


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