Union Bank Cardless Withdrawal How To Withdraw Without ATM Card


How To Do Union Bank Cardless Withdrawal


Union Bank Cardless Withdrawal how to withdraw without ATM Card

Union Bank Cardless service is designed for customers to Withdraw cash from any ATM or initiate and send funds to friends and family to withdraw from ATMs without a card using only Mobile Phone.

The service is seamless,secure and it drive by the generation of code{e-token} by account holder using ussd code or Mobile app. The token can be send to customers and non customers even people without bank account for cash withdrawal at any union bank ATM’s Machine the whole nation.


How to use Union Bank cardless withdrawal to get cash from the ATM.


The bank cardless service can be done either with ussd code or Mobile app. I’m going to show you how to carry out the transaction without stress.

Step 1;

Using USSD

Dial *826*7*amount#
Input your PIN and submit
You will receive an SMS with the Pay code and a one time password.

On the Mobile app

Download Union bank mobile app from Google playstore or app store and register

Here is how to register for union bank mobile app

After login,
click on Cardless withdrawal

Adjust the + sign to desired amount

Input PIN and click on generate token

You will receive an SMS with the Pay code and a one time password – OTP

Step 2 – Withdraw on the ATM

Tap any key on the ATM to enter Cardless mode.

input pay code sent via SMS

Input OTP sent via SMS

Input amount and submit

ATM dispenses the cash


For Other Bank’s ATM- how to withdraw money without ATM Card On Another Machine


1 Locate any Other Banks ATM

2 Press “Enter” button on the ATM

3 Select the “PayCode” option

4 Enter “PayCode number” received on your mobile phone

5 Enter pre-selected “Cash-Out PIN
Number” selected on Internet Banking when initiating request.

6 Enter “Amount” (This should be same selected when initiating request on Internet Banking, USSD, Mobile Banking)

7 Press “Enter “ button to proceed.

8 Collect Cash

And the above is how you can do union bank Cardless Withdrawal with a button phone and an Android phone.


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