What You Need To Know About Recharge And Get Paid – Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) review

What You Need To Know About Recharge And Get Paid – Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) review

I got a friend named Simon, everyday I would see a post about making money whenever you purchase airtime or data on his timeline. This lead me to make enquiry and my finding I would reveal in this article. The platform that makes it possible for you to earn while you purchase airtime or data is called RAGP, RAGP simply stands for Recharge And Get Paid. It quite fun right? If you are like me that spends over #6000 montly on airtime and data, I guess this platform would be of extreme importance to you.

Let’s get started

What is the companies vision.

Oh yes, I called it a company because it is registered under the Cooperate Affair Commission otherwise know as CAC with the RC number 1279919 and it is fully licensed and authorized by the body in charge of all telecommunication business in Nigeria (NCC).

I remember once when I listen to a WhatsApp voice note from the founder, he simply had the vision of enabling the common man generate a recurrent source of income without doing much work.

The company simply engaged in sharing revenue generated between itself and it’s users.

Recharge And Get Paid RAGP is not Ponzi.

A ponzi system usually robs Peter to pay Paul, just like MMM and the rest, however RAGP is different. Now I am going to explain how it works. Have you ever purchase airtime from your bank before? Either using your banks mobile app or even ussd. I guess it would not be strange to you if I tell you that the banks make a little amount of money from commission generated from these Telecom companies whenever you do so. 

But they do not tell you, in fact it looks like they are helping you get airtime even at the confort of your bedroom. Now this is where RAGP is different, they do not keep all the commission to themselves, instead they let you have a share in it.

It is just like MTN signing an agreement with me that for each recharge card vocher I sell, I will be paid 5%, and I then tell you to buy from me and pay you 60% of the 5% I am being paid.

Just easy to understand right? Let us move on.

So how do I get started.

Nice questions. To get started at RAGP you need to become a registered member, the platform offers six different packages that comes with various benefits. They are

  • Basic membership which cost #5000
  • Bronze membership which cost #10000
  • Silver membership which cost #20000
  • Diamond membership which cost #30000
  • Gold membership which cost #40000
  • Platinum membership which cost #50000

Once you get registered in any of these membership plan you are placed in what is called a 3 x 10 matrix.

Just in case you didn’t learn matrix in school, a 3 x 10 matrix simply means you refer 3 people who in return refer 3 each.

It will end up forming something like this

Your level 1

level 2 3

Level 3 9

Level 4 27 up to level 10 where there happens to be 59049 members.

Depending on your membership plan, the money you make from the people you refer varies

  • Basic  members earn upto their 5th level
  • Bronze members earn upto their 6th level
  • Silver members earn upto their 7th level
  • Gold members earn upto their 8th level
  • Diamond earn upto their 9th level
  • Platinum earn upto their 10th level

Now talking about how you earn from recharging your phones 

  • You earn 20% of your registration money back instantly
  • You get paid 20% of the registration of your direct downline
  • You earn between 10-1% registration of your indirect downlines
  • You get paid 2% each time you recharge your own phone (Buy Airtime)
  • You get paid 10% commission each time you buy data
  • You earn 1% each time your team members purchase data
  • You get paid 0.35% each time your downline purchase airtime
  • You get paid 4% monthly each time your downline renew their autoship (Note Autoship simply means repeated purchase).

When you register on RAGP  you are given two wallets which are:

  • Your E-wallet
  • Your VTU wallet

Your E-wallet is where the company will pay you any commissions you earn from:

  • Your own registrations (i.e 20%)
  • Registered a new member (downline)
  • Recharge your phone (Buying of Airtime)
  • Recharge other people phone i.e selling of airtime
  • Buying Data for yourself
  • Selling Data to others
  • Renew your own Cable subscription (DSTV, GOTV & STARTIME)
  • Helping others to renew their own cable subscription
  • Your Downline VTU transactions (Airtime, Data & Cable subscription)

You can also transfer your money earned from your E-wallet to Bank Account and withdraw it as cash within or less than 24hours.

Meanwhile your VTU Wallet is where you carryout all transactions: Phone recharge, Data purchasing and Cable subscription.

However before you can transact you must fund your VTU wallet by transferring some of your earning from your E-wallet into your VTU wallet.

Is this Recharge And Get Paid legit?

Yes RAGP is very legit and in fact I have before that it is registered under the Nigeria Constitutional laws.

So you can get started and start making money while spending money. Good luck.

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