2 Easy Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

Hey there! It’s Quyum again and today in this post, I will be discussing 2 easy ways to make money with your Smartphone from the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be at any time.

The term“How to make money online” has been one of the most searched terms on Google search engine and why?

This is simply because people are now getting aware of the kind of opportunities the tech innovation of smartphones has made available and this has made it to the extent that people can now even make money with their smartphones once they have a working internet connection.

Also, when I checked through the search results provided for this keyword on Google, I noticed that most of the methods which are being posted by these guys are methods which aren’t so easy for a newbie or someone who doesn’t have an idea of what making money online is all about.

And you are so lucky for being able to see this post today because right here in this post, without going into the complexity of how to make money online, I will be showing you 2 extreme formulas in which complete newbie have been able to use to go from zero to five or even six figures monthly. Sounds good right? Okay, let’s move on.

The first method I’m going to be revealing to you today goes thus.

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing has been one of the most recent and 100% easy ways to start to make money with your Smartphone in Nigeria. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of guys who have been able to make a full-time side income with this aspect of online business and as I’ve said earlier, It’s a new method and lots of these top pros don’t even bother to tell people about it since they haven’t tried it and some haven’t even heard of anything about it.

What Is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is a type of online business whereby you can get paid by a platform in which you register with each time you invite a new member and they successfully register using your referral link. Other than that, referral marketing, unlike affiliate marketing, has some other opportunities through which you can earn from such as the reading of news, sharing of sponsored posts, etc. These are what make referral marketing different from affiliate marketing. Even if you aren’t so good at the marketing aspect, you can perform other activities in order to earn. What you need to also know about referral marketing is that it always requires you to pay a certain amount of money before you can join or register.

You may want to ask, why do I have to pay to join? And the reason goes thus:

You know that unlike affiliate marketing whereby you can register for free and start earning commissions each time you promote a product and someone buys through your affiliate link.

In referral marketing, you aren’t promoting anyone’s product. Either, you are promoting a brand and the more people that join through your link, the more you earn. Okay, so, if it’s that, the company will only want to look for serious people who are ready to work hard and earn with them and not just those that will register and only take advantage of the activities earning opportunities of the business and that’s why the payment of registration fee is being brought in. Referral marketing has been a mean of an online breakthrough for a lot of people and people are now liberating their selves financially through this mean of online money making. Just note that referral marketing is one of the top-notch ways you can start to make money with your Smartphone.

How Can I Start Referral Marketing?

There are lots of platforms you can start referral marketing. Although, some of them are scam and you will end up working with them and not getting paid. But don’t worry, I will only tell you the ones that I have personally tried or made a research on and found out that is legit. Currently, I only have two of them in which I have personally tried and they are:


Okay, but I won’t talk much on these because I already made some posts earlier talking about the review of both IBTFORUM and LPVFORUM.

The reviews contain: What you need to know about them, how you can earn with them, testimonials and payment proofs made by myself and other members, how you can successfully sign up and lots more. You can read about my IBTFORUM review here and learn about my LPVFORUM review here.

Okay, with that we’ve come to the end of discussion on how you can use referral marketing to make money with your Smartphone in Nigeria. So, the next method I will be showing you now is:


Hey, don’t run away yet! Lol… You are welcome back.  Don’t mind me, I meant to say freelancing in a simpler form. I know you might have encountered freelancing as one of the means through which money and perhaps you are told to open a Fiverr account or something like that and people will start employing you. Ahahahah (I laugh in Japanese).

Actually, I was also told that and in fact, I even went to the extreme of buying gig reviews just to boost my opportunities of being able to get a job. But, I can tell you that today, I don’t even remember my Fiverr account password and I’m earning massively doing freelancing business. How on earth is this possible? That is what I’m going to be showing you now. And this once again, no expert or pro will ever tell you this because they already did all these years back and they don’t even know that these methods are still working or still exists sef and that’s why they will now be telling you, a beginner, to start a business that took them years to build, overnight. How on earth is that possible? I know you may be asking yourself… How did I know these methods if no one taught me? That! I will be telling you later at the end of this post.

How Does Freelancing Works In a Simpler Method?

As you might have heard of known, freelancing is simply when you a type of online business whereby you can get paid for providing skilled service to someone. I know your thoughts right now maybe, but I don’t have any skill I can provide… Don’t worry, I will teach you how to go about it. Firstly, you need to have a Facebook and WhatsApp account because most of our next procedures now will be on Facebook and WhatsApp.

So, I believe by now, you should have a Facebook account and in case you don’t, click here to get one.

Okay! So now, you need to look for a service which you know you can get paid to do. Here are some of them:

  1. Backlinks building
  2. Content writing
  3. Graphics design
  4. Web design
  5. eBook Cover Design

And many more, just choose anyone… And as I said earlier, you don’t need to have any skill regarding the gig or service you are choosing.

How to Make Money With Your Smartphone Using Freelancing

To make money doing freelancing, here are the procedures to follow:

You need to look for someone who knows how to perform the job or gig you chose earlier.

You can just create a normal Facebook post that looks like:

 “Hey, guys! Please, I need a very good and professional [PUT IN YOUR CHOSEN SERVICE e.g Graphics designer, web developer, content writer, etc] to work with. In case you are interested, just comment I’m interested and I will send you a DM. Thanks”

Facebook post write-up

Then, people will start reaching out to you and then all you have to do is to check out for the one with great previous projects and whose price is affordable. Negotiate with him regarding the price he will be charging for every project you bring because you will be bringing him many jobs. Once a price has been attained, what you need to do now is to get jobs and then add a little amount to it to serve as your own commission. Sounds confusing? Okay, here’s a typical example.

I have a guy who is very good at designing logos; I contact him and negotiate his charge per logo. We agreed at #2,000. Now, if I’m going to benefit #2,000 on each project I bring to him. It simply means I will have to own price to #4,000. Once someone orders, he will do the logo and deliver. He will have his own #2,000 and I will also gain #2,000. It is as simple and as easy as that. In other words, I call it indirect freelancing.

How Can You Get Clients Who Will Be Interested in Your Service?

  1. Facebook Groups: Let’s take for example I chose content writing as my own gig and I already have a professional who is going to work with me, what I will do is that I will join various Facebook groups (with at least 10k members) which are actually related to blogging, content writing, article writing, content marketing, free advertisement groups and other groups related to my chosen gig. The dame thing applies to every other gig.
    After joining these groups, you can now start promoting your gig and I can promise you that if you can join and post in about 20 groups, you will have at least 20 people reaching out to you daily and about 10 of them will pay for the service you offer and you can get the job done easily by the professional who you have earlier contacted and earn a commission for yourself. With this, you can earn even more than enough to live a good life.
  2. .Facebook Paid Advert: You can also get a facebook advert ran for you by a professional and through the advert, you can get a lot of people who are interested in your service and from there, your money keeps flowing in. You can hire me to help you run a Facebook ad and increase your opportunities to make money with your smartphone.
  3. Online Forums: Posting your job on forum sites like nairaland, warrior forum, and many others can help you reach out to more people and from there, you can get more potential clients for your business.

NOTE: All these traffic methods are also applicable to every other online business so you can also apply to get more prospects for referral marketing, network marketing, etc

Freelancing has been one of the top-notch complete newbies and even pros have used to go from zero to six figures monthly and with it also, you can make money with your Smartphone in Nigeria or any other parts of the world.

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Referral Marketing and freelancing are both easy ways through which you can start to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria or any other parts of the world. These are both methods in which I have personally used and verified to be working perfectly. I got to know them through the aid of research and also personal development. In case you are not a Nigerian and you are looking out to starting referral marketing, you can contact me and I will tell you how to go about it. And as for Nigerians, just follow the instructions in the post and utilize it properly. And I promise that within a few weeks, you will start getting massive results and start to make money with your smartphone. Have any questions? Please drop them in the comments section below.

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