WhatsApp TV: Introduction to WhatsApp TV For Beginners

WhatsApp TV is another brand new hot method in which a complete newbie can use to start making money online. In fact, it’s presently the No.1 method in which I will personally recommend to any newbie when it comes to making money online and another advantage of running a WhatsApp TV is that it can be run along with any other types of online businesses.

What is A WhatsApp TV?

A WhatsApp TV is simply a type of social media business whereby people use the medium of their WhatsApp status to provide entertainment for others. The entertainment can either be in the form of pictures, funny/comedy videos, funny jokes, music videos, etc.

How Can I Start A WhatsApp TV?

As explained above are the things you provide for people through your WhatsApp status. What you need to do in order to start a WhatsApp TV are:

  1. Choose a TV Name e.g. Riddles TV, Floppy TV, Registerhow TV, etc.
  2. Get a professional logo and Banner: You can reach out to a professional graphics designer to help design a logo and also a banner that will contain your logo, WhatsApp number, Other Social Media accounts, etc.
  3. Get a WhatsApp Business Account: You can decide to use your existing number or you can also get a new number but it is always advisable to get another number to run your WhatsApp TV.
  4. Set up your WhatsApp Business Account: Put in your logo and your profile picture, set up an autoresponder that will instantly reply to people whenever they send you a message.
  5. Make your auto-responder look like:

    “Hello! Welcome to [PUT IN YOUR TV NAME]. We provide you with top-notch entertainment in town, celebrity news, and lifestyle, jokes, comedies, giveaways, Music Videos, etc. Kindly Save our Contact as [PUT IN YOUR TV NAME] and drop your name. Thanks”
  6. Reach out to people using the methods I discussed earlier on “how to get clients who will be interested in your service”.
  7. Once they message you, the auto-responder will commence and they will drop their name. Save their contact.
  8. Start entertaining them by posting on your WhatsApp Status (You can get entertainments from sites like Naijaloaded.com, babynaija.com, twitter.com, instagram.com, etc.)
  9. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7.

How to Monetize A Whatsapp TV

Since your main aim is to make money with your Smartphone, you can’t just be entertaining people and don’t get anything. So, now I will be discussing on how to get paid running your WhatsApp TV. After having enough contacts, there are a number of ways you can monetize your TV but I will only be discussing the four (4) main methods out of which only one of them will look new to you. The methods are;

  1. Sponsored Advert: These are adverts that people run on your TV. You can decide the amount to charge per advert and since a WhatsApp status lasts for 24 hours, you will charge people per day. The normal price for WhatsApp TV ad is usually #1000 per 24 hours. But, since you own the TV, you can decide to choose your adverts rate.
  2. Referral Marketing: I just a made a post here which explains what referral marketing is all about, check it out here. Through your WhatsApp TV, you can start this and also start earning massively.
  3. Sales Of Digital Products: You can also use the mean of your WhatsApp TV to sell premium digital Products like eBooks, premium apps, tutorials, etc.
  4. Network Marketing: This is another aspect of online business whereby you register with a token and get paid to use a particular company’s product and at the same time have the ability to earn a lot for inviting people and also qualify for other incentives like Car award, trip award, house award, etc. Do to learn more about the network marketing company in which I personally use and recommend? Please, click here.


WhatsApp TV is yet another means through which you can make money online with zero capital. If you can properly utilize the opportunity properly, there is a very high chance for you to hit 4-5 figures monthly with it. Start a WhatsApp TV today and start getting paid for the entertainment you provide. Have any questions? Please drop them in the comments section below.

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