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Opera News Hub Registration: How to Sign Up On Opera News Hub

Do you have great writing skills, contents ideas, or news you think people will want to listen to? Then the opera news hub is the platform you should look out for?

What is Opera News Hub?

Opera News hub is a sector of the Opera news media where writers can sign up to get paid for providing valuable content on the platform. These articles are then checked to confirm if it meets with the criteria for the articles accepted on the platform, after which they are then published on the platform.

Opera News is a digital media platform where creative writers make top-class articles that meet with people’s demanded information and reports of high quality that makes the hear wanting for more.

In other words, opera news can be said to be the main place where the articles written by opera news hub users (opera news writers) are published and the publishers get paid per each view they get on any of their articles, and also when they get any kind of engagement on their articles.

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How Can I Sign Up For Opera News Hub?

Time needed: 3 minutes

Follow the steps below to sign up for opera news hub;

  1. Go to the registration page.

    Click here to go to the registration page on the official opera news hub website and click the Login/ Sign Up button. opera news hub homepage

  2. Choose a registration method.

    You can either choose to register using your Facebook or Gmail account. Just make sure you are already logged in to whichever account you want to use to signup. As for the sake of this tutorial, I will be using a Google account (Gmail).
    opera news hub registration step 2

  3. Choose the account to be used.

    Now, you need to choose a particular account to be used to sign up on the opera news hub.
    NOTE: This option is usually available when you have more than one account signed in to the device you are using during your registration.opera news hub registration step 3

  4. Confirm your login account information.

    Now, you need to confirm the username and photo if it matches that on the Facebook or Gmail account used to sign up.
    Also, you need to select your country or territory and then click the confirm button once all details have been verified to be correct.opera news hub registration step 5

  5. Set up your account information.

    Enter a username to be used on your opera news hub creator account, the category of contents you will like to share, logo to be used, and a short biography about yourself or website. Then, click the confirm button to continue.
    opera news hub registration step 6

  6. Set up your author information.

    The next thing to do now is to fill in your personal details i.e. name, email, phone number, and also a valid opay account number. In the field provided for referral code, enter “GAAJGGK“.

  7. Wait for account verification.

    After you might have followed all the above-mentioned procedures, the next thing now is to wait for your account to be verified by an opera news hub agent. This typically takes between 20 minutes – 1 hour to be done.opera news hub registration step 8

How Can I Submit Articles on Opera News Hub?

To submit an article on opera news hub, here the required steps to take;

  1. Log on to your opera news hub account.
  2. Go on to the Create tab on your dashboard.
  3. Type in the title and body of your article.
  4. Select a thumbnail to be used from your local image gallery or from any image already used in the article.
  5. Select the suitable category for the article you are submitting (e.g. an article with the title “Top 10 businesses to make 6 figures monthly” will be in the “business and industry” category.
  6. Click the Submit button to submit your article.
  7. Wait for your article to be approved… This typically takes 1minute to 2hours.

Make sure your article meets up with the requirements provided by the platform.

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Final Conclusion On Opera News Registration

Having known how to sign up for opera news hub, the benefits and how to get your article approved on the platform, you also to take note that Opera News Hub is actually my No. 1 top recommendation when it comes signing up for platform where you will get paid for writing and submitting news and articles. If you are smart enough with it, you can earn as much as some people’s monthly salary within a week on the platform. All payments are sent to the opay account you provided while signing up on the platform on the 15th day of every month.

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