10 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With #100,000

10 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With #100000

10 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With #100000

There a lot of things or businesses to do in Nigeria. As a developing country businesses that wouldn’t be easily accepted in America and Europe because of a lot of Paperwork would be accepted here in Nigeria.
But as the economy is and government of Nigeria haven’t really done enough to support business,. It then means that you need enough fund to start a business to do well. Still there are some businxess ofes you can start without huge capital.
These businesses can be started with as little as #100,000.
I will list and talk about them below.

1. Mobile Food Vendor And Delivery Services.

You can start this from the comfort of your home and when you get more money then you rent a place if you so wish. You can still continue in your house if it’s spacious and comfortable.

What you need is a good transportation to use and deliver your food when people orders it. Don’t worry you can use public transport or arrange with a special driver that will be there to help you deliver foods to your customers and you either pay the person daily or monthly. And all these will be added in the food cost.

Now for you to start this business you will need to know how to cook food very well.
If you can cook a variety of foods, then good for you but if you can’t then choose selective food and get customers.
Some of your customers might be people that work in companies, banks that don’t have time to cook.

Advertise your business both online and offline and start the business with zeal.

2. Phone Charging And Other Electronic Gadgets.

As there is no much electricity supply in Nigeria, it creates an opportunity for this business.
This is a business that you can start with #100,000.

You see people will pay you to charge their phones, Touch lights, MP3, Speakers, POS Machine and so on.

You can charge as low as #100 for each phone you charge. Then if you get like 50 or more than customers in a day, you know what that means.

The only challenge here is where you will situate your shop whether you will have funds for that. But if you don’t you can start from the comfort of your home. Just get a small Generator if you don’t have. Then a charging board. That way you are good to go.

3. Copywriting- Top 10 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With#100,000

Copywriting is a very lucrative business for people who knows how to write very well. And even when don’t have a flair for writing you can study it online on YouTube as a newbie or even improve on the writing skill you already have.

As a copy write you can help a company write catchy titles, appealing words that can make a customer to buy a product.

The works a copy writer does includes writing of appealing words for companies, blog post, advertisements snaps, giggles and so on.

You don’t necessarily need an office to do this job as it’s a remote work and you can start from your home.

A Copywriter charges Up to #5000 to #20000 per 1000 words written. And the salary of a Copywriter in Nigeria a month ranges from #100,000 to #300,000.

So if you enjoy writing why don’t you give it a try. You can easily start it with a capital of #100,000.

4. POS Business


This is the happening business in Nigeria now and if you have more money to invest and open more locations, then the sky is your limit.

You can start with as low as #100000 and make huge profits.
And you will need to locate your POS in a place that is from the bank. So that people can come and withdraw instead of paying transport to go to bank.

Then still get a location that is busy and probably have crowd for good patronage and security reason.

With POS you can help people do a lot of things for a fee.

This includes;

• Cash deposits and withdrawals.
•Top up of Airtime and purchase of Data.
•Payments of Bills, Electricity, Subscription of GOTV, DSTV etc.
•Opening of Account and so on.

So starting a POS Business today will help you a lot.

5. Shawarma Business.


This business is one you can start with as low as #100000. Do you like to prepare shawarma to make people eat and be happy. Then this is for you.

If you don’t even know how to prepare it, then you can get someone that knows to teach you or you learn it from YouTube.

But you may need to locate your business in a nice spot where people will like. And it will be a cool place. Then as well you can do this business from home, advertise online, get orders and go and deliver.

6. Selling Of Cloths.


You see people wear cloths everyday. And some people that are blessed Financially can easily change their cloths everytime. So sales are guaranteed in here.

With #100,000 you can start selling new cloths or even first class- Okirika- fairly used cloth.
And you find out you can make it with this cloth sales.

More you can advertise and sell from an online store to boost sales.

7. Graphics Design.


You can start graphics design with as low as #100000 and always smile to the bank.

As a graphic design you can create logo for businesses, design websites for individuals and companies at a fee.

Even though AI is doing more of the graphic design jobs these days, you can use AI to make your graphics design work easier.
And the beautiful thing about this job is that you can do it as a remote job.

8. Affiliate Marketing.


As an affiliate marketer, your job is to connect buyer and seller online and you take your commission.

Affiliate Marketing is such business that you can start with #100,000 and make your money.

You can use Instagram and with your unique referral link get buyers. Also you can use a blog, Facebook or even Twitter to get buyers.

Some people even use an ecommerce website to sell.

And if you are an influencer or celebrity tben the work becomes easier for you.


9. Blogging.

You can start blogging with #100000 and make it with patience and consistency.
Just you will have to wait till at least six months to earnings from your blog. But if you can do your SEO work very well, you can start earning before that.

In blogging you can do Vlogging in terms of YouTube where you create videos, get subscribers and also get monetized.

Blogging and Vlogging is one business that will pay off in this digital era.

10. Laundry.

This is well known and can be done by anyone unless you are the lazy type.
Starting a laundry business is very lucrative and your can start from home and with a capital of #100000 you can get one or two machines that will help you.

You can start alone but with time if the work becomes too much on you, then you can emoloy hands.

Laundry business now thrives for people that don’t have time to wash their cloths and for new cloths that sellers wants to sample that needs to be washed first.

You find out that if you can start laundry then will always have cloths to wash and iron.

Finally, the above are the 10 businesses that you can start in Nigeria with #100000. Instead of waiting and looking for the biggest thing to do. You can try these ones and I bet you will enjoy it.


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