Opay Signup And Registration


Opay Signup And Registeration


Opay Signup and Registration: How to Open an Account with Opay, How To Use Opay App for Payments, Sending and Receiving Money

Opay Signup And Registration: At this era people really can’t do Without the banking sector. As the need for financial transaction increases people who use the traditional banks often look for alternatives either to add more to their number of accounts, ease of network, convinence, reliable, secure, freebies and some other things. They often sometimes look for it in Fintechs banks.
Opay a platform for making of financial transaction in Nigeria and one of the best of a Fintechs banks has become increasingly popular.

Whether you are looking for a way to send and receive money, payment of Utility Bills, Top up Airtime, shop online, payment of cable subscription, funding of your Bet account and even getting payday and business loans, then you wouldn’t go wrong with Opay.

In this guide I will show you step by step on how to do Opay Signup and Registeration. Requirements you need, common issues you may experience in the registration and how to go about it.
Let’s move on but before that we will need to know the meaning of Opay.

What Is Opay?

Opay is a Fintech mobile Banking and financial services platform that offers services of sending money, receiving money, payment of bills, payment of cable subscription, top up of Airtime and purchase of Data bundules. It also have a food delivery services, online shops and a lending Platform.
The platform Opay was officially launched in the year 2018.

Opay services are available on their Mobil App for Android phone users. And the app has gained popularity in Nigeria because of it’s ease of use, competitive price charges, freebies in the forms of Cashback and other things, dependable network and reliability.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Opay?

Opay offers many benefits to its users. This includes;


The platform is very convenient for customers /clients using them. Here you can do a lot on your Opay App from the comfort of your home. Do you know that you can even upload your identity card and proof of your address from the comfort of your home? That is one advantage.


Transactions on Opay mobile App are seemingly fast. It moves with a pace and within seconds transaction are completed.
This is faster than most traditional banks.

• Security.

Opay mobile App are very much secured for those of you who might be skeptical that they might lose their funds because of security.

Transactions are protected with encryption and biometric authentication, thereby reducing the risk of fraud.

•Low Fees.

Opay charges little fees and sometimes none. This makes it economical for users.

• Wide Range Of Products.

They offer a wide range of products. This apart from send and receive money, payment of Utility Bills, Top up of Airtime and data bundles. You can actually buy cheap data. Incase of someone that wants to take it as business, you can buy cheap data and sell to family, friends and others each time they need it. Thereby making a profit for yourself.

And you can become a merchant and own a shop in the Mobil app. Also what about their referral program which you can use to make money for yourself. That is to tell you that they have a wide range of products, that is why most people use them.

Opay Account Registration Requirements.

Before you open an account with Opay, there are requirements to provide.
They are listed below;

1. A smart Phone with internet.

2. Your Personal information this should include a valid email address.

3. A selfie-optional

4. BVN- Bank Verification Number.

5. An ID Card- Voters Card, National Id Card, International Passport, any of these will serve.

6. Utility Bill- EEDC bill or house Rent Receipt.

How To Open Account With Opay.


To open account with Opay first and foremost you must make sure that you have the above listed requirements. Then with and internet connection you download the Mobil app.

1. Download The Opay App

Depending on your device you can download the Opay App in Google play store or Apple App store. Then click on Register.

2. Provide Your Personal Information.

Here you are to provide your personal information. Your names, phone number, email address, then create a password.

3. Verify Your Account.

The next thing is to verify your account. A code will be sent to your phone number via SMS. You enter the code on the space provided to continue.

If you don’t receive any code, you can request for it the second time.

4. Set Up Your Opay Wallet.

After verifying your Opay account the next thing to do to on how to open account with Opay is to set up your Opay Wallet.
Here you will be asked to create a Six- digit pin you will be using to authorize transaction on the platform. Make sure you chose a strong pin not the same number throughout but different arrays of numbers.

And please make sure you chose the numbers you can memorize and remember.

5. Add Funds To Your Account.

When you have finished setting up your wallet. The next thing is to add funds to your wallet. You can do this by linking your bank account to your Opay or using your debit card.

Your can also do this by transferring directly to your Opay bank account. Your Opay bank account is your phone number just removing the first zero, then the rest ten numbers are your Opay bank account number.

6. Upgrade Your Account.

This is optional to upgrade your account but you can be using your account and upgrade later. Upgrading your account will enable your account to carry higher transaction limit. Like if your Opay account is not upgraded. Then you can’t transfer or receive more than the sum of #50000.00 in a single transaction. And an upgraded account can accommodate millions unlike one that is not upgraded.

What you need to upgrade your Opay account is a clear or scanned copies of a utility bill or ID card identification.

7. Start Using Your Account.

You can start using your account whether upgraded or not but just mind you on the transaction limit and the amount it can hold.

It’s now time to start using you account to recieve and send money, pay bills, top up Airtime and data, shop online and so on.

How To Use Opay App For Payments Sending And Receiving Of Money.

Now that you have known how to do Opay Signup and Registeration, the next thing is to learn how to use it.

You can use Opay App to do the following;

1. Set Up Reoccurring Payments.

Here you can set reoccurring payments this will ease the tension and the stress of having to do it everytime or daily or monthly that you might want to pay some certain things.

Since they are automated. The payments goes on its own while you do other things.

2. Check Your Account balances.

With your Opay mobile app you can check your account balance on the go. This is to monitor every transaction and know to keep track of how your money goes.

3. Add Multiple Payments.

If you have other bank accounts you can add them to Opay. You can link your bank account or even your debit card to it.

And feels more safe and secure with the ease of transaction that makes transfers within the account effortless.

4. Online Shopping.

You can use your Opay account to do online Shopping both in the Opay mobile app from there merchants or other online ecommerce website using their debit card issued to you or their virtual debit cards.

5. Sending Money

If you want to use your Opay mobile app to send money. What you have to do is ,with an internet connection;

•Login to your Opay mobile app•

•Click on send money to bank. Then a form comes out.

•Input the receiver’s account number

• Select receiver’s bank

• Then receiver’s name will appear once the account number is correct.

•Confirms Receiver’s name and

•Input amount and other prompts and send.

If sent successfully you will be notified.

6. Receiving Of Money.

To use your Opay mobile App to Receive money you only need to give your phone number which is your Opay account number.
The only thing is that the first zero on your phone number is removed this will make your phone number 10 digits. And with this you are good to go to give it to anyone that wants to send money to you.

Then the name of the bank the person should use should be Paycom-Opay.

Common Issues One Can Encounter In Using Opay.

There are some issues some people might encounter in using Opay Account. They include;

Trouble Registering An Opay Account.

If you have a bad experience in Registering or opening an Opay account, try and make sure you are inputting correct information. If it persist, then try and restart your phone. And if this didn’t help then contact Opay customer support.

Having Issues With Funding Of Your Account

If you can’t fund your account, then check that your payment option is valid or acceptable. If this didn’t work, then Opay customer support is there for you.

Problem Verifying Your Opay Account.

If you are having this issue verifying your Opay account, then request for new pin. If this didn’t work then contact customer support.

Opay Signup And Registration FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

Is It Free To Create An Opay Account?

Yes it’s totally free to create an Opay Account but you might incur some little charges in your transactions.

Which Bank Is The Owner Of Opay?

Opay is owned by Chinese billionairOe Yahui Zhou. He also owns the web browser company Opera. Opay has become the main alternative to banks for money transfer and bill payments for Nigerians.

Is Opay Approved By CBN?

Yes Opay Is Approved By The Central Bank Of Nigeria. They are to operate as a mobile money platform.

How Old Is Opay In Nigeria?

OPay came to Nigeria in August 2018 after paying an undisclosed fee to acquire a controlling stake in PayCom, a fintech company founded by Telnet Nigeria. And in less than five years, OPay has established itself. So till date Opay should be 5 years in Nigeria.

What Are The Benefits Of Opay?

The benefits includes apply and get a card instantly at select OPay agents or apply via the OPay App. Enjoy 10 free ATM withdrawals monthly and zero maintenance fee. All new users can enjoy an amazing welcome bonus while all users can enjoy cashback on every airtime and data recharge. And at the moment new users who use coupon code get up to #1200 cash back.

What Is The Maximum Withdrawal From Opay?

Cash withdrawals via ATM and POS are now limited to N500,000 weekly. Please also know that any cash withdrawal above the limit will attract a 3% processing fee. To avoid restrictions, perform more transactions on OPay and enjoy free and limitless transfers.

How Do You Earn Interest On Opay?

You can get up to 15% annual interest when you invest with OWealth and withdraw your funds at any time. Interest is paid into your OWealth account every morning and funds deposited into OWealth before 22:00 will get daily returns starting from the next morning. This is how it’s done

Can I borrow Money From Opay?

Yes you can borrow money from Opay. It’s called Okash loan. When you want to borrow money here, you are redirected to Okash. The app allows users access to instant loans from reliable lenders on its platform. You are covered here.

Can I use Opay To Save Money?

Yes you can use Opay to save money and use funds from your cashback rewards to pay for multiple bills on the OPay app. Electricity, mobile data, airtime, betting and more. To start receiving cashbacks, make deposits, pay bills, make transfers, refer friends. The more you save and lock your money in Owealth for a specific period of time, the more interest you get.

Is Opay Legit In Nigeria?

The answer is Yes. Opay have around 30 million users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria. OPay Digital Service has earned the trust of customers and fintech enthusiasts for its seamless mobile money transfer services.

In conclusion, you can now see that there a lot to gain as an Opay client/customer. Enjoying ease, comfort, dependable network,Cashback freebies and a lot as the case maybe. So, in case you want to sign up, you can always refer to this guide- Opay Signup And Registeration.

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